We are currently mapping out and developing a way for you to connect with others locally, for doing the Liability Action process. This is going to be an exciting new tool! It is being developed as part of our “Phase 2”.

We are also developing an InPower Outreach Postcard, which you will be able to either distribute yourself, or sponsor a local distribution in your neighborhood. As it can have your group’s local contact info on it, this will be another powerful way to create your local group.

To be part of creating or connecting with a group, please either:

We will then notify you when the forthcoming Group Support resources are ready.

Notes about Group Actions:

While we encourage anyone to do the Liability Action individually (or in a group of three with two Witnesses*), doing the Liability Action in a Group is, in a word, powerful. And we have seen that it can be thoroughly enriching on a personal level, when groups come together to walk through this process. Some groups have even created a festive-like atmosphere when they get together once a month or so.

* – A Notary is also strongly recommended if in the USA

Last Update: October 31, 2017  

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