The Liability Action is explained in detail in InPower: Episodes 1 & 2.
See also the one-page Overview of the Liability Action (pdf).

The InPower Liability Action, also known as the Notice of Liability (NOL) process, is a mass-action of people protecting their rights and enforcing the individual liability of those who are causing or facilitating harm.

Said another way, it is a powerful remedy to access and use foundational laws and the rules of commerce to turn the tables on the individuals who have been hiding behind corporations and governments as they inflict for-profit harm upon men, women and children.

What’s inflicting harm in this case are ‘smart’ utility meters – aka radiating surveillance meters. This process is about having them removed, and preventing installations in the first place.

This process, we intend, will also be used to correct other major problems such as mandatory/unsafe vaccinations, 5G deployments, and others.

Last Update: October 31, 2017  

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