After sending the Notice of Liability (Round 1), or Notice of Fault (Round 2), you or your Witnesses will most most likely receive a letter from one or more of your Respondents. (They are supposed to send to your Witnesses as outlined in the NOL, but often will erroneously send to you directly.)

TIP: With both the Standard and Premium options, your Round 2 & 3 documents will automatically rebut any letters you receive after sending the previous Round. (You will be guided to upload any letters received.)

However, in every InPower Liability Action process that’s been done so far, not one single sufficient response has been received. A “sufficient response” is basically defined in the Notice of Liability as one which:

  1. addresses every point of harm being stated in your NOL and your Affidavit; and
  2. is a sworn statement of fact.

That is, in order to rebut your Notice of Liability, a Respondent is required to send you an affidavit of their own, which addresses point-by-point every single claim made. They won’t do this, because their position is based on lies; and lying in such a document would perjure oneself.

This is why, as Cal says, when everyone knows the rules of commerce, it is a self-correcting system. But when only those in control know the rules, it sets up a system of slavery.


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The Liability Action is explained in detail in InPower: Episodes 1 & 2.

Last Update: October 30, 2017  

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