This is a private process, and in our NOL we stipulate so. If someone (e.g. a lawyer) who is not one of your original Respondents attempts to send you a response, they are subject to the penalty for joining the private negotiation, outlined in the NOL section Joining the Contract. And it’s a big penalty indeed. So, that “joindering” party is added as a Respondent to your Liability Action.

JOINDER – v. Joining or coupling together; uniting two or more constituents or elements in one; uniting with another person in some legal step or proceeding.

Just like in the previous section, you will just need to enter the sender’s name, title, organization, and the date you received it. In addition to rebuttal language being automatically added, we’ll add the joindering party as a Respondent. So, if this is the first instance of joinder to your process, this individual would become your 5th Respondent, and you would mail to them just like your other 4.

NOTE: We have standardized this process to work in ~99.9% of cases.

See also: Should I expect to receive a response from my Respondents?

Last Update: October 30, 2017  

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