When you receive a letter or envelope to do with your Liability Action, this is good for your process. No matter if it says “you can’t do this” or “we do not understand” or “sign up for our extortive ‘opt-out’ program”, it is an insufficient response, as outlined above.

But because it’s commerce, we will still need to rebut it, if you received it before you send your Notice of Default (Round 3). If it’s after you sent the NOD, there’s no need to respond, because the ample time you’ve given Respondents to respond properly has now expired. After this point their correspondence could be deemed harassment and or nuisance (both crimes), if they are still attempting tactics of intimidation, fear, or extortion.

So read the letter over, realize it’s (in virtually all cases) corporate propaganda, and put it in your Liability Action folder. When you do your next round you will just need to enter the sender’s name, title, organization, and the date you received it. We’ll do the rest.

Last Update: October 30, 2017  

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