In your documents and on envelopes wherever you or your Witnesses’ addresses are written, we strongly recommend 3 things:

  1. adding a c/o before the mailing address (this means “care of”)
  2. adding square brackets [ ] around the Zip/Postal Code
  3. writing the the full State or Province name, instead of the abbreviation

Jane Doe
c/o 369 Constitution Drive
Detroit, Michigan  [48111]

The reason we do so is that it helps you preserve all of your rights. According to an increasing number of law researchers, the Zip and Postal Code system refers to a place within either a federal/corporate or military jurisdiction. And enclosing anything within square brackets means it is being acknowledged as fictional or inapplicable.

The c/o is because receiving mail at this location is not a government benefit.

Doing all 3 of these things whenever you write your address helps you retain all of your rights.

Check out these references: 1 | 2

Last Update: October 30, 2017  

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