This is an organization-wide update, for 17 February 2018.

Hello InPower Movement!

Much is happening worldwide, and what you are doing with us is a part of what is needed to make wholesale changes for everyone sojourning here.

The Heart of the Matter

We realize that there are rumors that InPower is dormant, or even ‘gone away’, due to the seeming inactivity. This is FAR from the truth. We have been working hard to prepare for a major promotional push of the Notice of Liability (NoL) process. This preparation had to go back to starting with a proper foundation, in order to “build the house on the rock” so that WHEN the storm comes, it will stand. Last summer when we released the NoL and simultaneously did promotional pieces with Dr. Mercola and other groups, we were overwhelmed by the response. This showed that we were not prepared for what will be coming.

But in that influx of responses, some very astute and capable people joined the movement, and have stayed. We have gone through a re-structuring of the leadership of InPower Movement, in obedience to Divine order, to get the correct people into positions to build ‘the house’ so that it can accomplish all that needs to happen. To this end, we temporarily stopped all promotions and interviews, until we could get in proper order. From the outside it may look like we’ve gone silent or gone away, but know that WE ARE HERE. Since getting in order, and without any promo, the movement is picking up momentum, like a locomotive, and groups are joining every week across North America, and now also overseas. While this has nothing to do with religion and is all about EVERYONE waking up, it is very exciting to witness what YHWH has planned.

Later Stages and Enforcement

With regards to Rounds 4 (billing) and onwards, at this time we are planning to release these along with the “phase 2” website and Learning Management System (LMS) in development. There are calculations within these later rounds which are necessary to be accurate, and this powerful system being developed will create each round of the NoL process with ease and accuracy. Accuracy is important for the enforcement stages.

For those of you doing the NoL at present, the most important milestone is to complete Round 3 (Notice of Default), which completes the contract which binds the liability to the Respondents – and the daily fee schedule begins to accrue.

We are also receiving questions regarding the enforcement stages of the liability process. Rest assured that enforcement strategies are continuing to develop. However, due to this movement being open and transparent, i.e. ANYONE can see the communications, we cannot yet discuss the details of those strategies ‘publically’. What I (Cal) can tell you, is that when I tried certain things years ago on my personal matter, the doors quickly shut, and we couldn’t get a foot in the door. This seems to have changed, and now several opportunities have ‘materialized’. As the private banking system is fraught with corruption, navigating this requires a lot of discernment – in which we are fully engaged. Like many things at this time in our ‘journey’, lies and deception are overwhelmingly prevalent. But equally so, there is clearly a path of light leading us out, and we must be diligent to follow this path – and timing – and not get enticed into falsehood.

Discerning the Truth

Another concern that should be addressed is the rumor that “someone got into trouble” or “went to jail” for using the InPower NoL. This is simply not true. We certainly would have heard about it. The InPower NoL, used as written, is outside of ‘statutory jurisdiction’ (see Episode 1 & Episode 2), and as such is extremely unlikely to get anyone into trouble. We are dealing with criminals, so predicting what those who are ‘lawless’ will or won’t do is sometimes difficult, but the NoL is outside of their jurisdiction. This is why agents of that jurisdiction (lawyers) often say it has no validity. This is mostly out of ignorance that other jurisdictions exist, and or for those agents that do know of it, to dissuade people from going into that jurisdiction.

When you understand the power of the NoL and that it challenges the existing jurisdiction, and that it gives people the ability to operate from above that ‘statutory’ jurisdiction, you can begin to see why agents of that system (because of their training) would be inclined defend it, and question what we are doing.

A Firm Foundation

With all of that said, we would now like to introduce Mary Steele. She will be overseeing InPower operations and group support. For some of you, Mary will seem to be new to the movement, though she has been part of this for a several years — just behind the scenes. Please give her your support as she is now organizing various groups and teams within InPower to help everyone be equipped to succeed.

Two others who have stepped into oversight roles are Beau Hebert and David Armstrong. These men come to us with extensive business experience, and recognize that this movement may be the most important thing we collectively do in our lifetimes. There are many others in leadership roles, and we won’t mention them, but they are each VITALLY important.

Now that we have an expanded and skillful leadership team, we are now (finally) able to dive into the areas of each of our strengths. This allows us ALL to build on a strong foundation, and to create a world without harm that is full of purpose and possibilities.

We are all in this together, and together we WILL accomplish what we are destined to accomplish.

Thank you all for your continued patience, and for your courage, determination and integrity in service to mankind.

In unity,
Cal & Josh
InPower Movement

image by Tony A.


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ty wonderfil friends. Can our group send out 6 NoLs instead of 4, as they threaten to “deploy” 3 meters per household (gas, electric and water-already happening)?Also, is there any problem with doing both “freedom taker” and NoL simultaneously? What about opting out for true analog and NoL simultaneously? Wd much appreciate a reply asap, as we have a meeting tommorrow a.m.!
A thousand blessings!!!!


can to a separate NoL to each type of meter: electric, gas, and water (that would be 12 names).

Jeanice Barcelo
Jeanice Barcelo

I am hearing these manmade frequencies now 24/7. It is a constant and sometimes painful low frequency metallic hum that never stops. I can’t sleep as it creates great agitation. These bastards are seriously attacking us and I am so fed up with it all. Does anyone know of anything I can do to protect against hearing these frequencies? There is so much pressure in my head and my ears. I am concerned for my hearing.

MY NEW STORY: Just last Friday (Figures – don’t they always just ruin your weekends!) I received the offer from Commonwealth Edison to install a smart electric meter on my home within the next 45 days. I called again on Monday. My part of the conversation was like this …”I have received your letter of February 27, 2018 of an offer to install a smart meter. I refuse your offer. I do not accept. I do NOT consent. You have no authority to come on my property or change my existing meter in any way”… A man named Brian took… Read more »
Jeanice Barcelo
Jeanice Barcelo

I am so grateful for what you are doing and all that you have put together to help us achieve a “higher standing” in our world. It is beyond time we stood up to these creatures and said no more. I absolutely want to contribute to this movement.


I joined Twitter about a month ago and tweeted much about the inpower movement. One of my first followers was Prince of Wales Harry Albert . Strange but true and I have to wonder why. Twitter Dave Cee @DaveOneofmany


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